Two way text messaging, ringless voicemails, live call transfers, email, and Facebook messenger
Communications Channels

Communications Channels

Experience a multi-channel communications management system with capabilities such as two way text messaging, ringless voicemails, live call transfers, email, and Facebook messenger to nurture leads.


Email marketing allows you to create highly targeted messages that are sent directly into your customer's inbox. Use automated email campaigns to attract new customers by delivering relevant content or offers through the medium they're most likely going to be checking - their emails - in their own time! Stay in touch with your current customers by sending them emails about new product offerings or upcoming events, which you can personalize and use as an opportunity for increased click through rates that will boost customer loyalty and increase revenue!


SMS Marketing is a great way to reach large numbers of customers at once with your marketing message. Text Messaging can be used as an instant marketing tool, getting the word out about what you have to offer and reaching customers on their mobile phones when they're ready for it.


One of the most important steps in a cold outreach sales and marketing strategy is collecting leads. While it may seem like your first idea should be to collect email or talk with potential clients, you don't want to forget about phone calls either! Phone conversations often feel more personal than other communication channels because they are usually one-to-one interactions. With MAPS, you can automatically schedule calls for any time that works best for your customers while also providing them with an easy way out if they're not interested in talking at all by giving them a hot transfer call instead so no effort or commitment goes wasted on those who aren’t feeling it just yet!


Facebook's Messenger app is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. With more than 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger, it has the potential to be an invaluable part of your brand's marketing strategy and help you get closer with customers in order to find qualified leads or reengage them if they have lost interest in what you're doing as their business partner.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemails are a useful marketing strategy, and can be used in many ways. A customer may not want to answer the phone for fear of an expensive sales pitch from you or your company - but they're more willing to listen if it's their own voicemail inbox that rings with a prerecorded message about how much money they could save on interest rates by switching banks. Ringless voicemail messages provide valuable time savings benefits as well; instead of picking up the phone every time someone calls, you just pick out some ringless voice mails!

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