How to Optimize Your Email Marketing with Mailgun

What is email automation? Email automation is the process of streamlining tasks and communications, allowing businesses to reach their customers in a more efficient way through transactional emails. It allows businesses to automate emails to their subscribers and send messages without pressing the “send” button. You can schedule these messages or have them sent based […]

What is email automation?

Email automation is the process of streamlining tasks and communications, allowing businesses to reach their customers in a more efficient way through transactional emails. It allows businesses to automate emails to their subscribers and send messages without pressing the “send” button. You can schedule these messages or have them sent based on specific triggers you design, allowing you to personalize and track emails more effectively. Refer to our other blog article on the Top 7 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Going to Spam to ensure you avoid the spam folder and your emails have high deliverability.

How it works

Automated messaging is prompted by a specific consumer action at a point in their customer journey. Based on the predefined triggers and rules you have set for your system, the proper response will be sent out. Examples of common triggers include when a customer makes a new purchase or subscribes to your email list.

Examples of email automations

  • New subscriber sign-ups
  • Email newsletters
  • Payment reminders
  • Abandoned cart email notifications
  • Monthly surveys or feedback requests
  • Post-purchase follow-ups
  • Customer milestones such as birthdays

Email automation benefits

Email automation aims to optimize every customer touchpoint, creating the best possible user experience. You, as a business owner, need to understand the benefits of email automation and how they can help you reach your specific business goals.

Improves workflow efficiency

Automated email workflows redirect the time you would be spending writing 10,000 individual emails to other important tasks. They also minimize human error and do not force you to spend time on repetitive tasks. Automating your emails allows you to be highly consistent and more productive, particularly with transactional emails.

Enhances customer experience

As we now know, there are many different types of scheduled emails. There are the more mundane ones, such as payment reminders or feedback requests, but you can also create positive, engaging emails that enhance the customer experience through personalized email templates. These can include the warm welcoming emails, incentives, or exclusive offers and deals. 

Creating the ideal customer experience is heavily dependent on your product. Once you have a feel for what works best for your specific product or service, you are then able to effectively engage your audience. You can use email marketing automation to build better customer relationships, create more brand/product awareness, attract new members/customers, and get more click-through traffic as well as higher conversion rates.

Re-engages those who are losing interest

Email automation allows you to easily identify and re-engage your inactive subscribers. Your email service provider (ESP) can watch for behavioral triggers that suggest specific users are inactive. 

You can then automate the sending of re-engagement emails to nurture your old leads, gain back their loyalty, and retain their business/traffic.

Increases revenue & optimizes costs

Manually sending emails takes up a lot of time and money, as there are many steps involved such as creating the email design and content, as well as coding the HTML. By automating your sends, you can use previous existing templates and send different emails without having to change them with each step. 

According to Campaign Monitor, automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails. By creating unique automated messaging based on your customers’ interests, you have the chance to increase conversion rates. You also have the opportunity to increase your company’s revenue by providing complementary products and services, exclusive deals, and recovering abandoned cart sales through the use of automated emails.

Improves email list segmentation

Email list segmentation involves dividing up your users by their attributes, behavior patterns, and engagement levels to better personalize emails. This will allow you to send highly effective emails based on what your customers’ specific needs and interests are.

Segmenting your email list to better target your audiences will increase your open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and engagement rates.

Mailgun integration

Mailgun is an email API (Application Programmable Interface) based service that allows you to send, receive, track and optimize your emails. They offer scalable and results-driven email sending solutions for over 150,000 businesses. For the easiest access, contact MAPS Technologies to get set up through our very own Mailgun account.

How to set up Mailgun

CRM services such as MAPS Technologies provide businesses with the easy, quick, and effective option to get signed up as a subdomain of MAPS Technologies for their emails.

By going through MAPS Technologies to integrate your Mailgun account, you save a significant amount of time and effort. The other option would be to create your own Mailgun account, which has more steps involved. Creating your own Mailgun account can also be expensive. In most CRM platforms, this would cost a lot of extra business money. Integrating Mailgun through MAPS Technologies not only saves you money, but it saves your valuable time and resources, too.

As a business, you would be under MAPS TechnologiesMailgun account. The only step for you to complete is putting in information we provide into your website! We, as MAPS, usually speak to who is in charge of your website directly, so they can add the information to be integrated. 

Why Mailgun is important

API-based email delivery services such as Mailgun streamline your business processes, allowing you to easily access various marketing metrics, track emails, and oversee reporting. Mailgun provides detailed analytics and logs you can use to assess your email campaigns and optimize your email marketing.

Mailgun answers all your email marketing questions such as:

  • How is my email deliverability?
    • How many emails resulted in conversions?
    • What is my open-rate and conversion rate?
    • How many recipients clicked the Call-to-Action (CTA) button?
  • How is my email program/campaign performing?
  • Do certain emails work better for my audience/target segments than others?

Wrapping Up

Automated email workflows are necessary to simplify and optimize the process of email sending in our current business environment. Once you have implemented Mailgun with MAPS Technologies, you can easily begin to tailor it to your specific business needs and goals. Whether it be improving your email marketing campaigns or creating new product/brand awareness, Mailgun is here to help.

Schedule a demo with MAPS Technologies today to get started. Let us show you the endless ways Mailgun can help your email program and overall business grow!


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