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Are you are a small-medium size business with short-falls in customer communication and lead management? A nonprofit organization struggling to manage donors, recipients and volunteers? An organization in the economic development industry with limited and decreased staffing trying to meet proposal deadlines as well as manage and grow your member base? MAPS has all the right business tools.
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Solutions for Business

MAPS is not some modified CRM platform with mono-line features that address only one of your business needs. MAPS is an end-to-end business management platform with powerful tools for real solutions.

Economic Development

Give your team an intuitive, user friendly, point-and-click interface with features that include, a multi-channel communications management system with capabilities such as two way text messaging, ringless voicemails, live call transfers, email, and Facebook messenger. A proposal generator, a membership management system, a sales/lead management system, customizable marketing automation sequences, an integrated CRM, dashboard analytics panel, and a detailed commercial property listing manager.

Membership Management

Solutions for Chambers of Commerce
We know that fees generated from your member base make up a significant portion of your operational free cash flow. Keeping members informed and engaged is an important part of a successful member retention program. MAPS includes a member management system that provides real time billing, tracking, member account access, transaction history, account updates and two way communications between your organization and your existing and potential members.

Nonprofit Organizations

Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations
Does your non-profit organization need more than just a donor management tool? Your problem is not unique - you don't have the administrative budget or the operating bandwidth to take on the cost of another two or three single focused platforms. MAPS is a total business management solutions platform packed full of tools that your non-profit organization can use to manage your operational side and your donor side of your non-profit. With all the MAPS Marketing, automation and tools your non profit will grow in multitudes.

Small Businesses

Solutions for Small Business
Is your small business looking for a way to grow? Look no further. MAPS has a total business solution platform that is full of the tools needed to market to your clients MAPS can eliminate daily tasks by automating them. Help with retention and retargeting clients who have gone by the wayside. Maps can organize all your contacts, and allows you to tag important contacts to identify them quicker. MAPS has a billing system through our membership management system. Join MAPS and watch your business grow.

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