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Our vision truly started as an idea scribbled all over a bar napkin and a few beverages of choice. The problem wasn’t unique and the solution wasn’t an Einstein moment. However, the solution did involve going against the grain and disrupting an old business SaaS model aka the “norm”.
What was the original pain point we were going to solve? We could not find an all-in-one customized business management solutions tool that addressed all of our business needs and was still affordable. The “norm” would force us to subscribe to several standardized platforms as well as a CRM and suffer through the frustration that these platforms do not necessarily interface well. Sound familiar?
That bar napkin soon became MAPS, a powerful cloud-based multi-channel business management solutions and sales automation platform that gives small-medium businesses the tools they need for a price they can afford. Our pain points became the solutions to many. Our user based started within the economic development industry, specifically economic development organizations and member management organizations. It did not take long for other SMBs such as non-profit organizations, bowling alleys, hair salons, municipalities and many more to jump onboard MAPS.
What is MAPS? Here is the technical speak. MAPS is a cloud based, end-to-end business management solutions and sales automation platform. MAPS offers our customers an integrated business solution for marketing and automation sequences, multi-channel communications, sales/lead management, membership management, project proposal generation, on demand analytics, CRE data collection/monetization and of course, an integrated CRM.
More important, here is the reality speak. MAPS is a powerful all-in-one business tool that can help you solve many of your business pain points without busting your budget. MAPS can help you grow your customer base which means more money to your bottom line.

Our Market

Needs build opportunities and opportunities create solutions. Our original market focus is to provide a multitude of solutions for the economic development industry, specifically Economic Development Organizations and mebership management organizations. Our journey does not stop there, MAPS provides business management solutions for non-profit organizations as we as small businesses ranging from bowling alleys, social clubs, hair salons and even dairy farms. Imagine the opportunities.
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